Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
Adelphi Hotel Melbourne5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3000 Melbourne, 187 Flinders Lane
Hotel Art Series [The Cullen] Melbourne5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3181 Melbourne, 164 Commercial Rd, Prahran
Hotel Crown Towers Melbourne5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3006 Melbourne, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank
Grand Hotel Melbourne - MGallery Collection5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3000 Melbourne, 33 Spencer Street
Hotel Grand Hyatt Melbourne5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3000 Melbourne, 123 Collins Street
Hotel Hilton Melbourne Airport5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3042 Melbourne, Arrivals Drive
Hotel Hilton On The Park - Melbourne5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3002 Melbourne, 192 Wellington Parade
Melbourne Marriott Hotel5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3000 Melbourne, Corner Exhibition And Lonsdale Streets
Hotel Park Hyatt Melbourne5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3002 Melbourne, 1 Parliament Square, Off Parliament Place
Hotel Stamford Plaza Melbourne5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3000 Melbourne, 111 Little Collins Street
The Hotel Windsor Melbourne5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star3000 Melbourne, 111 Spring Street
Albert Heights Serviced Apartments Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3002 Melbourne, 83 Albert Street
Alto Hotel On Bourke Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 636 Bourke Street
Aluxstay Apartments Bell City Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3072 Melbourne, 215 Bell Street, Preston
Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3121 Melbourne, Bridge Road
Atlantis Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 300 Spencer Street
Hotel Bayview Eden Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3004 Melbourne, 6 Queens Road
Hotel Bayview On The Park Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3004 Melbourne, 52 Queens Road
Bed And Breakfast At Stephanie's Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3016 Melbourne, 154 Ferguson Street
Hotel Brighton Savoy Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3186 Melbourne, 150 The Esplanade
Causeway 353 Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 353 Little Collins Street
Central Sky Lounge Apartment Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 43 Therry Street
Hotel Clarion Suites Gateway Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 1 William Street
Cosmopolitan Boutique Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3182 Melbourne, 2 - 8 Carlisle Street
Crown Promenade Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3006 Melbourne, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank
Crowne Plaza Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3005 Melbourne, 1 - 5 Spencer Street
Footscray Motor Inn Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3011 Melbourne, 90 Droop Street, Footscray
Hiigh Apartments Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3181 Melbourne, 153B High St, Prahran
Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3045 Melbourne, 10-14 Centre Road
Holiday Inn on Flinders - Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 575 Flinders Lane
Hotel Causeway Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 275 Little Collins Street
Hotel Charsfield Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3004 Melbourne, 478 St Kilda Road
Hotel Sophia Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 277 King Street
Hotel Urban St Kilda Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3182 Melbourne, 35-37 Fitzroy Street
Jasper Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 489 Elizabeth Street
Hotel Mantra 100 Exhibition - Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 100 Exhibition Street
Hotel Mantra On Jolimont Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3002 Melbourne, 133 Jolimont Road
Hotel Mantra On Little Bourke Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 471 Little Bourke St
Hotel Mantra On Russell Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 222 Russell Street
Hotel Mantra On The Park Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 333 Exhibition Street
Hotel Mantra Southbank Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3006 Melbourne, 31 City Road
Mantra Tullamarine Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3043 Melbourne, Corner Melrose & Trade Park Drive, Tullmarine
Hotel Medina Executive Flinders Street Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 88 Flinders Street
Hotel Medina Executive Northbank Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 550 Flinders Street
Hotel Medina Executive South Yarra Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3141 Melbourne, 52 Darling Street
Hotel Medina Executive St Kilda Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3182 Melbourne, 157 Fitzroy Street
Hotel Medina Grand Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 189 Queen Street
Metro Apartments On Bank Place Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 18 Bank Place
Moonee Valley Views Apartments Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3039 Melbourne, 81-85 Wilson St
Hotel Oaks On Collins Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3004 Melbourne, 480 Collins Street
Hotel Park Regis Griffin Suites Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3004 Melbourne, 604 St. Kilda Road
Plum Serviced Apartments Carlton Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarMelbourne, 528 Swanston Street, Carlton
Plum Serviced Apartments Collins Street Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 325 Collins Street
Plum Serviced Apartments North Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarMelbourne, 168 Arden Street
Plum Serviced Apartments Southbank Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3006 Melbourne, 285 City Road
Punthill Apartments - Flinders Lane Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 267 Flinders Lane
Punthill Apartments - Little Bourke Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 11-17 Cohen Place
Punthill Apartments - Manhattan Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 57 Flinders Lane
Hotel Punthill Burwood Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3125 Melbourne, 300 Burwood Highway
Hotel Punthill Essendon Grand Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3040 Melbourne, 1142 Mount Alexander Road, Essendon
Hotel Punthill Oakleigh Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3166 Melbourne, 1384 Dandenong Rd
Hotel Punthill South Yarra Grand Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3141 Melbourne, 5-7 Yarra Street
Hotel Punthill Williamstown Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3016 Melbourne, 4-18 Ferguson Street
Quality Hotel Batman's Hill on Collins Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 623 Collins Street
Hotel Quest Beaumont Kew Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3101 Melbourne, 7 Studley Park Road, Kew
Quest Fairfax House Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 392 Little Collins Street
Quest Flemington Serviced Apartments Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3031 Melbourne, 600 Epsom Road, Flemington
Hotel Quest Hero Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 140 Little Collins Street
Hotel Quest Kew Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3101 Melbourne, 19 Walpole Street, Kew
Quest Royal Gardens Serviced Apartments Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3065 Melbourne, 8 Royal Lane, Fitzroy
Hotel Radisson On Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 380 William Street
Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 328 Flinders Street
Hotel Robinsons In The City Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3003 Melbourne, 405 Spencer Street (Cnr Batman Street)
Hotel Rydges Bell City Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3072 Melbourne, 215 Bell Street, Preston
Hotel Rydges Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 186 Exhibition Street
Hotel Rydges North Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3051 Melbourne, Corner Flemington Road & Harker Street
Hotel Rydges On Swanston Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3053 Melbourne, 701 Swanston St
Hotel Seasons Botanic Gardens Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3004 Melbourne, 348 St Kilda Road
Sixty Two On Grey Serviced Apartments Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3182 Melbourne, 62 Grey Street, St Kilda
Sokos Hotel Albert Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star00120 Melbourne, Albertinkatu 30
Hotel Somerset Gordon Heights Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 19 Little Bourke Street
Hotel St Kilda Rd Parkview Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3004 Melbourne, 562 St Kilda Rd
The Bloomfield Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3141 Melbourne, Corner Millswyn Street And Toorak Road, South Yarra
The Prince Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3124 Melbourne, 2 Acland Street
The Travel Inn Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3053 Melbourne, Cnr. Grattan & Drummond Streets
Travelodge Docklands Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3008 Melbourne, 66 Aurora Lane, Docklands
Travelodge Southbank Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3006 Melbourne, Corner Southgate Avenue & Riverside Quay
Vibe Hotel Carlton Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3070 Melbourne, 441 Royal Parade
Vibe Savoy Hotel Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3000 Melbourne, 630 Little Collins Street
Waratah Brighton Boutique Bed And Breakfast Melbourne4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star3186 Melbourne, 70 Roslyn Street
All Seasons Kingsgate Hotel Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3000 Melbourne, 131 King Street
Barkly Apartments Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3182 Melbourne, 180 Barkly Street, St Kilda
Birches Serviced Apartments Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3002 Melbourne, 160 Simpson Street
Hotel Breakfree Heritage On Little Bourke Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3000 Melbourne, 318 Little Bourke St
Causeway Inn On The Mall Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3000 Melbourne, 327 Bourke Street Mall
City East Motel Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3067 Melbourne, 181 Langridge St, Abbotsford
City Limits Hotel Apartment Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3000 Melbourne, 20-22 Little Bourke St
Eastern Townhouse Serviced Apartment Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3002 Melbourne, 90 Albert St
Easystay Bayside Motel Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3182 Melbourne, 63 Fitzroy Street
Easystay Budget Family Apartments Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3182 Melbourne, 65 Acland Street
Easystay Serviced Apartments Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3186 Melbourne, 65 Acland Street
Hotel Dolma Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3056 Melbourne, 188 Moreland Road
Hotel Ibis Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3000 Melbourne, 15 - 21 Therry Street
Hotel Ibis Melbourne - Little Bourke Street3-Star3-Star3-Star3000 Melbourne, 600 Little Bourke Street
Jika International Hotel Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3078 Melbourne, 551 Heidelberg Road, Fairfield
Leo Pacific Hotel Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3000 Melbourne, 378 Little Bourke St
Little Collins Hotel Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3000 Melbourne, 27 Little Collins Street
Melbourne's Princes Park Motor Inn3-Star3-Star3-Star3054 Melbourne, Corner Royal Parade And Park Street, Carlton North
Motel Maroondah Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3128 Melbourne, 768 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
Parkville Place Apartments Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3056 Melbourne, 124 Brunswick Road
Pensione Boutique Hotel Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3000 Melbourne, 16 Spencer Street
Hotel Punthill South Yarra - Davis Avenue Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3141 Melbourne, 44 Davis Avenue
Hotel Punthill South Yarra - Punt Road Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3141 Melbourne, 470 Punt Road
Hotel Punthill The Stanton Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3004 Melbourne, 622 St Kilda Road, St Kilda
Quality Hotel Melbourne Airport3-Star3-Star3-Star3049 Melbourne, 265 Mickleham Rd
Redan Apartments Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3182 Melbourne, 25 Redan Street
Richmond Hill Hotel Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3121 Melbourne, 353 Church Street, Richmond
Hotel Sleep and Go Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3072 Melbourne, 205 Bell Street, Preston
The Albany Hotel Melbourne3-Star3-Star3-Star3141 Melbourne, 1 Millswyn Street, South Yarra
Biz Motel Melbourne2-Star2-Star3205 Melbourne, 142 Park Street
Apartments on Lygon Melbourne3054 Melbourne, 700 Lygon Street, Carlton
Hotel Base Backpackers - St Kilda Melbourne3182 Melbourne, 17 Carlisle Street
Melbourne Shortstay Apartments3006 Melbourne, 191 City Road
Melbourne Shortstay Apartments On Whiteman3006 Melbourne, 63 Whiteman Street