Australia, Western Australia, Perth
Duxton Hotel Perth5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star6000 Perth, 1 St.George's Terrace
Hotel Hyatt Regency Perth5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star6000 Perth, 99 Adelaide Terrace
Hotel Intercontinental Perth Burswood5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star6100 Perth, Bolton Avenue and Great Eastern Highway
Hotel Parmelia Hilton Perth5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star6000 Perth, 14 Mill Street
The Outram Hotel Perth5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star6005 Perth, 32 Outram Street
Adina Place Motel Apartments Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star7250 Perth, 50 York Street
Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6104 Perth, 150 Great Eastern Highway
Assured Waterside Apartments Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6151 Perth, 29 Melville Parade, South Perth
Hotel Balmoral On York Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star7250 Perth, 19 York Street
Hotel Country Club Tasmania Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star7250 Perth, Country Club Ave, Prospect Vale
Crowne Plaza Hotel Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6004 Perth, 54 Terrace Road
Hillarys Harbour Resort Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6025 Perth, 68 Southside Drive
Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star7250 Perth, 29 Cameron Street
Hotel Mantra On Hay Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6004 Perth, 201 Hay Street
Hotel Mantra On Murray Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6000 Perth, 305 Murray Street
Hotel Medina Executive Barrack Plaza Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6000 Perth, 138 Barrack Street
Hotel Medina Grand Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6000 Perth, 33 Mounts Bay Road
Quality Resort Sorrento Beach Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6020 Perth, 1 Padbury Circle, Sorrento
Hotel Quest Launceston Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star7250 Perth, 16 Paterson Street
Quest on James Apartments Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6003 Perth, 228 James Street
Hotel Quest on Rheola Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6005 Perth, 18 Rheola Street
Hotel Quest West End Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6000 Perth, 451 Murray Street
Regal Apartments Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6004 Perth, 11 Regal Place
Rendezvous Observation City Hotel Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6019 Perth, The Esplanade, Scarborough
Hotel Rydges Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6841 Perth, Cnr Hay & King Streets
Hotel Seasons Of Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6000 Perth, 37 Pier Street
Hotel Somerset St Georges Terrace, Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6000 Perth, 185 St Georges Terrace
Terrace Central B&B Hotel Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6160 Perth, 79-85 South terrace
Travelodge Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6000 Perth, 417 Hay Street
Trigg Retreat Bed and Breakfast Perth4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star6029 Perth, 59 Kitchener Street, Trigg
Hotel All Seasons Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6003 Perth, 15 Robinson Avenue
City Stay Apartment Hotel Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6005 Perth, 875 Wellington Street
Hotel City Waters Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6000 Perth, 118 Terrace Road
Goodearth Hotel Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6004 Perth, 195 Adelaide Terrace
Holiday Inn Burswood Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6100 Perth, Bolton Avenue and Great Eastern Highway
Hotel Ibis Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6000 Perth, 334 Murray Street
Metro Hotel Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6151 Perth, 61 Canning Highway
Mountway Holiday Apartments Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6000 Perth, 36 Mount Street
Olde Tudor Motor Inn Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star7250 Perth, 229 Westbury Road, Prospect
Perth Ambassador Hotel3-Star3-Star3-Star6004 Perth, 196 Adelaide Terrace
Scarborough Observation Resort Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6019 Perth, 200 West Coast Highway, Scarborough
Sullivans Hotel Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6000 Perth, 166 Mounts Bay Road
The Marque Hotel Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6000 Perth, 24 Mount Street
The New Esplanade Hotel Perth3-Star3-Star3-Star6000 Perth, 18 The Esplanade
Hotel Gallery Suites Perth6160 Perth, 185 High St