New Zealand, Canterbury, Christchurch
Hotel 161 The Hereford Christchurch5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star8011 Christchurch, 161 Hereford Street
Arthur's Court Motor Lodge Christchurch5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star8014 Christchurch, 110 Sherborne Street
Hotel Charlotte Jane Christchurch5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star8014 Christchurch, 110 Papanui Road
Hotel Crowne Plaza Christchurch5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star8001 Christchurch, Cnr Kilmore And Durham Streets
Huntley House Christchurch5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star8042 Christchurch, 67 Yaldhurst Road
Millennium Hotel Christchurch5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star8001 Christchurch, 14 Cathedral Square
Salerno Motel Apartments Christchurch5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star8013 Christchurch, 148 Bealey Avenue
Airport Birches Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8042 Christchurch, 390 Yaldhurst Rd
Aloha Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarChristchurch, 68 Main South Road
Annabelle Court Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8011 Christchurch, 42 Riccarton Rd
Arena Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8024 Christchurch, 30 Whiteleigh Ave, Addington
Hotel Base Backpackers - Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8011 Christchurch, 56 Cathedral Square
Bealey Avenue Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8013 Christchurch, 229 Bealey avenue
Bella Vista Motel & Apartments Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8413 Christchurch, 193 Bealey Avenue
Hotel CentrePoint on Colombo Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8013 Christchurch, 859 Colombo Street
Chardonnay Motor Lodge Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8051 Christchurch, 170 Johns Road
Chateau Blanc Suites - A Clarion Collection Hotel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8144 Christchurch, 351 Montreal Street
City Centre Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8013 Christchurch, 876 Colombo Street
Copthorne Hotel Christchurch Central4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8141 Christchurch, 776 Colombo Street
Copthorne Hotel Durham Street Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8140 Christchurch, Corner Durham And Kilmore Streets
Country Glen Lodge Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8013 Christchurch, 107 Bealey Avenue
Courtesy Court Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8014 Christchurch, 33 Sherborne Street, St Albans
Cranford Oak Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8056 Christchurch, 116 McFaddens Road, St Albans
Croydon House B & B Hotel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8013 Christchurch, 63 Armagh Street
Dorset House Backpackers / Dorset Apartments Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8014 Christchurch, 1 Dorset St, Central City
Hotel Heritage Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8011 Christchurch, 28-30 Cathedral Square
Holiday Inn City Centre - Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8001 Christchurch, Cashel & High Street
Hotel Grand Chancellor - Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8013 Christchurch, 161 Cashel Street
Hotel istay on Cashel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8011 Christchurch, 187 Cashel Street
Latimer Hotel & Apartments Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8011 Christchurch, 30 Latimer Square
Hotel Livingspace Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarChristchurch, 96 Lichfield Street
Hotel Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8140 Christchurch, 50 Cathedral Square
Hotel Off The Square Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8141 Christchurch, 115 Worcester Street
Hotel Parkview On Hagley Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8011 Christchurch, 1 Riccarton Road
Pavilions Hotel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8014 Christchurch, 42 Papanui Road
Hotel Quest Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8000 Christchurch, Cathedral Junction, 113 Worcester Street
Roma On Riccarton Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8011 Christchurch, 38 Riccarton Rd
Hotel Rydges Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarChristchurch, Corner Oxford Tce & Worcester Street
Hotel Scenic Suites Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8144 Christchurch, 87-89 Kilmore Street
Southern Comfort Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8013 Christchurch, 53 Bealey Avenue
The Marque Hotel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8011 Christchurch, 166 Gloucester Street
The Poplars Apartment Hotel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8011 Christchurch, 82 Chester St East
Thomas's Hotel - on Hereford Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8013 Christchurch, 36 Hereford Street
Tudor Court Motel Christchurch4-Star4-Star4-Star4-Star8014 Christchurch, 57 Bealey Ave. City
Abbey Motor Lodge Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star8011 Christchurch, 209 Bealey Avenue
Hotel All Seasons Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star8014 Christchurch, 72 Papanui Road
Hotel Argyle on the Park Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star8011 Christchurch, 145 Deans Avenue
Belle Bonne Motel Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star8042 Christchurch, 95 Yaldhurst Road, Upper Riccarton
Camelot Cathedral Square Hotel Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star8011 Christchurch, 66 Cathedral Square
Comfort Hotel Carlton Mill Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star8014 Christchurch, 19 Bealey Avenue
Heartland Hotel Cotswold Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star8540 Christchurch, 88-96 Papanui Road
Holiday Inn on Avon Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-StarChristchurch, 356 Oxford Terrace, Corner Oxford Terrace & Willow Street
Hotel So Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star1042 Christchurch, 165 Cashel Street
Hotel Ibis Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star8041 Christchurch, Hereford Street
Sudima Hotel Christchurch Airport3-Star3-Star3-StarChristchurch, Cnr Memorial Ave & Orchard Road
Hotel YMCA Christchurch3-Star3-Star3-Star8011 Christchurch, 12 Hereford Street
Riccarton Village Inn Christchurch2-Star2-Star8004 Christchurch, 106 Mandeville Street
162 Kings Of Riccarton Motel Christchurch8041 Christchurch, 162 Riccarton Road
Avenue Motor Lodge Christchurch8001 Christchurch, 136 Bealey Avenue
Highway Inn Christchurch8030 Christchurch, 527 Sawyers Arms Road, Harewood