United Kingdom, Devon, Torquay
Hotel Carlton Court 5 Star Silver Award Torquay5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-StarTQ2 5BE Torquay, 18 Cleveland Road
The Marstan Hotel Torquay5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-StarTQ1 2LQ Torquay, Meadfoot Sea Rd
The Somerville- Five Star Gold Award Hotel Torquay5-Star5-Star5-Star5-Star5-StarTQ1 1HJ Torquay, 515 Babbacombe Rd
Abbeyfield Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ25AX Torquay, Bridge Road
Abingdon House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5LF Torquay, 104 Avenue Road
Avenue Park Guest House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5LA Torquay, 3 Avenue Road
Bentley Lodge Silver Award Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5BQ Torquay, Tor Park Rd
Hotel Brooklands Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5UJ Torquay, 5 Scarborough Road
Buckingham Lodge Guest House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5JP Torquay, Falkland Road
Capri Guest House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 6RG Torquay, 12 Torbay Rd, Livermead
Colindale Guest House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 6NY Torquay, 20 Rathmore Road
Hotel Cranmore Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5LH Torquay, 89 Avenue Road
Hotel Crimdon Dene Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5JP Torquay, Falkland Rd
Crown Lodge Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5LH Torquay, 83 Avenue Road
Elmdene Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 6NZ Torquay, Rathmore Road
Exton House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5BA Torquay, 12, Bridge Road
Hotel Fairways (Silver Award 2007, 2008, July 2009) Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5LF Torquay, 72 Avenue Rd
Grosvenor House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5JP Torquay, Falkland Road
Harmony Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5LG Torquay, 67 Avenue Road
Kelvin House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5AY Torquay, 46 Bamfylde Road
Lindum Lodge Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5NP Torquay, Abbey Road
Hotel Meadfoot Bay Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ1 2LQ Torquay, Meadfoot Sea Road
Melba House Hotel - B&B Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5AY Torquay, 62 Bampfylde Rd
Newburgh Guesthouse Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5UJ Torquay, 14 Scarborough Road
Riviera Lodge Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5UE Torquay, Croft Road
The Baytree (Silver Award Oct 2008) Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5BA Torquay, 14 Bridge Road
The Belmont Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ25HY Torquay, 66 Belgrave Road
The Charterhouse Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 6QT Torquay, Cockington Lane
The Cleveland 4 Star Silver Award 2009 Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ25BD Torquay, Cleveland Rd
The Daylesford: Enjoy England 4 Star Silver Award + Breakfast Award 2010 Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5AY Torquay, 60, Bampfylde Road
The Grand Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 6NT Torquay, Sea Front
The Hillcroft - Boutique, Unique Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5NY Torquay, 9, St. Lukes Road
The Mount Edgcombe Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5LB Torquay, 23 Avenue Rd
The Osborne Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ1 2LL Torquay, Hesketh Crescent, Meadfoot
The Parks ( Guest Accommodation ) Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 6NZ Torquay, Rathmore Road
The Sandpiper Guest House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5AZ Torquay, Rowdens Rd
The Shirley Hotel Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ1 1HF Torquay, Braddons Hill Road East
Trelawney Hotel - Guest House Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5HS Torquay, 48 Belgrave Road, Belgravia
Walnut Lodge Silver Award Winner 2008, 2009, 2010+ Breakfast Award 2010 Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5AY Torquay, 48 Bampfylde Road
Westgate Hotel Silver Awarded Torquay4-Star4-Star4-Star4-StarTQ2 5JP Torquay, Falkland Road
Acorn Lodge Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ2 5BA Torquay, 28 Bridge Road
Ashurst Lodge Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ2 5SG Torquay, 2 St Efrides Rd
Best Western Livermead Cliff Hotel Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ2 6RQ Torquay, Seafront
Bishops Court Resort Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ1 1QS Torquay, Bishops Court Hotel, Lower Warberry Road
Grosvenor Hotel Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ2 5HG Torquay, Belgrave Road
Livermead House Hotel Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ2 6QJ Torquay, Sea Front
Palms Hotel Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ1 1HQ Torquay, 537 Babbacombe Road
Premier Inn Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ2 5HE Torquay, Seafront, Belgrave Road
Rainbow International Hotel Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ2 5HJ Torquay, Belgrave Road
Sea Point Hotel Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ1 1PR Torquay, Old Torwood Road
The Trouville Hotel Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ2 5HY Torquay, 70 Belgrave Road
The Wilsbrook Guest House Torquay3-Star3-Star3-StarTQ2 5LL Torquay, 77 Avenue Road
Albaston House Hotel Torquay2-Star2-StarTQ1 3JF Torquay, 27 St Marychurch Rd
Hotel Ansteys Lea Torquay2-Star2-StarTQ1 2QJ Torquay, Barrington Road, Wellswood
Bancourt Hotel Torquay2-Star2-StarTQ2 5LG Torquay, Avenue Road
Bute Court Hotel Torquay2-Star2-StarTQ2 5HQ Torquay, Belgrave Road
Devon Court Hotel Torquay2-Star2-StarTQ2 5UE Torquay, Croft Road
Red House Hotel Torquay2-Star2-StarTQ2 6PB Torquay, Rousdown Road
Richmond Hotel Torquay2-Star2-StarTQ2 5UD Torquay, Croft Road
Waters Edge Hotel Torquay2-Star2-StarTQ2 6QH Torquay, Seafront
Bahamas Hotel TorquayTQ2 5LB Torquay, 17 Avenue Rd
Haytor Hotel TorquayTQ1 2JP Torquay, Meadfoot Rd
Hotel Barton TorquayTQ1 1HQ Torquay, 543 Babbacombe Road
Hotel Concorde TorquayTQ2 5BZ Torquay, Newton Road
Hotel Hudson TorquayTQ1 1HQ Torquay, 545 Babbacombe Rd
Hotel Peppers TorquayTQ1 1HQ Torquay, 551 Babbacombe Road
Nethway Hotel TorquayTQ2 5JR Torquay, Falkland Road
The Beverley Hotel TorquayTQ2 5HS Torquay, 46 Belgrave Road
The Ravenswood Hotel TorquayTQ1 1HQ Torquay, 535 Babbacombe Road
Torwood Gardens Hotel TorquayTQ1 1HQ Torquay, 531 Babbacombe Rd
Tusker Lodge Hotel TorquayTQ1 1HQ Torquay, 533 Babbacombe Road